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Aadhaar Based eSign

eSign is an a fully paperless online electronic signature service which can be integrated with service delivery applications via an API to facilitate an eSign user to digitally sign a document. Using authentication of the eSign user through e-KYC service, online electronic signature service is facilitated.

eSign process includes signer consent, Digital Signature Certificate Issuance request. Digital Signature creation and affixing as well as Digital Signature Acceptance in accordance with the provisions of the IT Act. Comprehensive audit trail to confirm the validity of transactions is maintained and preserved.

The authentication of the signer is carried out using eKYC service and the signature on the document is carried out on the backend server of the eSign provider. eSign services are provided by trusted third party service providers- currently Certifying Authorities (CA) licensed under the IT Act. CDSL Ventures Limited is a licensed CA providing Aadhaar based esign services. To enhance security and prevent misuse, the eSign user’s private keys are created on Hardware Security Module(HSM) and destroyed immediately after one time use.

An Application Service Provider (ASP) can integrate with CVL’s eSign service so that the users of that ASP would be able to use eSign service. ASPs who can be potential users of esign include Government Agencies, Banks and Financial Institutions, Educational institutions, legal enitity registered in India, etc.

eSign can be used in various areas for improving service delivery as indicated below.

  1. Digilocker - For self attestation.
  2. Tax-Application for ID, efiling.
  3. Financial Sector-Applications for account opening in banks and post offices.
  4. Educational-Application forms for course enrollment and exams.
  5. Other areas include Passport, Telecom etc.

Advantages of eSign

eSign offers an anytime-anywhere service on any approved device and facilitates reduction in paper handling costs, improves efficiency and offers convenience to customers.

The Digital signature certificates once generated, are valid for 30 minutes before being affixed on any document.

Application Service Providers use Aadhaar based eKYC to authenticate signers and facilitate digital signing of documents. eKYC authentication can be done in offline or online mode. In offline mode, the eKYC XML is obtained from UIDAI and the esign request XML should be digitally signed by the ASP for authentication purpose. Online EKYC can be OTP based or using biometric device. CVL is registered with CCA as a CA and with UIDAI as a AUA/KUA and therefore provides eSign services using, both, online and offline Aadhaar. Application Service Providers and individuals availing service of ASP are the beneficiaries. eSign enables ASP to create paperless environment and individual beneficiaries of ASP save cost and time by using this remote signature capability.

  1. ASP can send an email to CVL on [email protected].
  2. CVL will provide the onboarding requirements.
  3. If the onboarding criteria are fulfilled by the ASP, CVL CA would provide access to the ASP.
  4. ASP should be the Service Integrator of eSign Service for CVL CA and integrate eSign API in the application of the ASP.
  5. Audit as per guidelines of CCA.
  6. eSign user should have eKYC Identification number (and registered mobile for OTP based authentication). For biometric authentication, the individual should have access to biometric capturing device.
  7. ASP database should be seeded with eKYC identification number to ensure that authenticity of signer is verifiable by ASP.

The user should have eKYC identification number. For OTP based authentication, the mobile number should be registered with CVL-CA database.

eKYC-OTP: Class of certificates is issued to individuals based on OTP authentication of subscriber through eKYC service.

eKYC- Biometric- Biometric class of certificate is issued based on biometric authentication of subscriber through eKYC service.

Sl. No. Particulars UIDAI Charges (Rs) CVL Charges (Rs) Remarks
1. Offline e-sign Nil Rs 5/- exclusive of GST Minimum charge of 400 transactions per month
2. Online e-sign Rs 3/- inclusive of GST Rs 5/- exclusive of GST Minimum charge of 250 transactions per month